A picture of the Mysore Palace lit up in the evening during Dasara

The Tipu's Trail
Virtual Tour

Join from your computer,
tablet, or phone
Duration 90 mins (30 mins Q&A included)
Time 20th Mar,
6:00 PM, Bangalore,
12:30 PM, London,
7:30 AM, New York
₹600 per device

The father son duo of Hyder and Tipu ruled the kingdom of Mysore in the second half of the 1700s. The events that transpired in this period in the island of Srirangapatna and in the theatre of war in South India had consequences in America, France & England. On this Virtual Tour get know the story of this entrepreneurial father-son and how they impacted global events in the 18th Century

What will the tour entail?

  • How the father-son duo, Hyder & Tipu Sultan rose to become the rulers of Mysore
  • Understanding how the events in Srirangapatna and South impacted global politics
  • The technological advancements in warfare and how it affects our life today

How does it work?

  • This is a virtual tour hosted via Zoom
  • Our expert will guide you through a live narration
  • We’ll use photographs, videos, maps and satellite imagery
  • Once you book the tour, you will receive the zoom link and the details by email

Tour Highlights

Exploring the island of Srirangapatna

How Srirangapatna connects the Battle of Waterloo and the French Revolution

What Tipu has to do with modern day rocketry

We Care

A part of the proceeds will go to support the local guide community in each of the destinations we operate in.

The virus has changed travel as we know it, at least for the visible future. Travel, as a sector accounts for 10% of global GDP. It was one of the first to get affected and probably amongst the last to bounce back. Our team being tech savvy, has the options of doing these virtual tours, but for a majority of tourism professionals in India this ain’t the case. So, to help in a small way, we wish to contribute a part of our proceeds to the local guide community.

How can you help? Spread the word on these virtual tours. Together we can make a difference!

Private Tour?

Would you like to take this tour in private, exclusively just for yourself or your group? We can make that happen, reach out to us at explore@gully.tours