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The Last Jews Of India Virtual Tour
The Story Of The Malabari Jews

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tablet, or phone
Duration 90 mins (30 mins Q&A included)
Time 9th Jan,
6:00 PM, Bangalore,
12:30 PM, London,
7:30 AM, New York
₹600 per device

Some of the oldest Jewish communities on the planet reside in the small city of Kochi in the Southern state of Kerala, India and they are called the Malabari Jews. Find out the fascinating story of their origins, their migration, and how their customs are influenced by the land they made home. There are only a handful of them remaining today, 19 to be precise. This is their story!

What will the tour entail?

  • The origins of the Malabari Jews and what brought them to India
  • The Jewish Community and their connection with the Royal Family of Cochin
  • Trace the marks left behind by the Jewish community

How does it work?

  • This is a virtual tour hosted via Zoom
  • Our expert will guide you through a live narration
  • We’ll use photographs, videos, maps and satellite imagery
  • Once you book the tour, you will receive the zoom link and the details by email

Tour Highlights

Get to know some of the last remaining Malabari Jews

Insider access to Jewish houses in Kochi

A peek into the customs of the Malabari Jews

We Care

A part of the proceeds will go to help with the restoration of one of the seven synagogues of Kerala.

Kadavumbhagam Synagogue in Ernakulam is a 12th century Synagogue used by a community called the Malabari Cochini Jews. The synagogue is tucked away from the busy Ernakulam Market where the Jewish Community of Kochi dominated the trade.

The community started dwindling after the creation of Israel and the Cochini Jews were among the Jews across the world who made the ‘aliyah’ or return to Israel to build the Jewish Nation.

The synagogue was in ruins for decades till Elias Josephai one of the last remaining members of this Jewish Congregation took up the task of painfully restoring the synagogue. The synagogue is far away from the tourist enclaves and in need of help for its restoration.

We wish to contribute in a small way by contributing to the effort to restore the Kadavumbhagam Synagogue to its former glory.

Private Tour?

Would you like to take this tour in private, exclusively just for yourself or your group? We can make that happen, reach out to us at explore@gully.tours