A picture of the Mysore Palace lit up in the evening during Dasara

Gully Cricket to Global Domination
The Indian Cricket Story

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Duration 90 mins (30 mins Q&A included)
Time 6th Mar,
6:00 PM, Bangalore,
12:30 PM, London,
7:30 AM, New York
₹600 per device

Cricket in India is religion, a spectacle where 11 Indians get on the field and fan base of a billion plus cheer! Cricket is part of the nation's DNA and this is the one thing that bonds one of the most diverse countries in the world. From the icy slopes of himalayas to the dusty maidans of Mumbai to the narrow gullies of Bangalore, cricket is everywhere, this is the story of India’s love for the sport.

What will the tour entail?

  • The story of the biggest religion in India - cricket!
  • Discover the story of how the British game became popular in India
  • Explore the story of how cricket spread from elite circles to the Indian masses.
  • The story of India’s coming of age, through the story of Indian Cricket.

How does it work?

  • This is a virtual tour hosted via Zoom
  • Our expert will guide you through a live narration
  • We’ll use photographs, videos, maps and satellite imagery
  • Once you book the tour, you will receive the zoom link and the details by email

Tour Highlights

Discover the story of the colonial origins of the game and how it got communities together.

Cricket’s connection with the Royalty in India

Discover how cricket became a cultural identity that bonded the newly formed Indian nation after Independence.

We Care

A part of the proceeds will go to support the local guide community in each of the destinations we operate in.

The virus has changed travel as we know it, at least for the visible future. Travel, as a sector accounts for 10% of global GDP. It was one of the first to get affected and probably amongst the last to bounce back. Our team being tech savvy, has the options of doing these virtual tours, but for a majority of tourism professionals in India this ain’t the case. So, to help in a small way, we wish to contribute a part of our proceeds to the local guide community.

How can you help? Spread the word on these virtual tours. Together we can make a difference!

Private Tour?

Would you like to take this tour in private, exclusively just for yourself or your group? We can make that happen, reach out to us at explore@gully.tours