Student Tours


It’s fun, it’s educative!


Try our experiential learning tours designed for children that can be customised to suit your requirements.

Story of Mysore

Learn about the history of Mysore and how it has influenced several significant historical events around the world. Get a peek to the illustrious personalities from the city and their interesting lives.

Hands on learning

How would you like to see your child put the concepts they have learnt in class to practical use? Learning when combined with doing makes experiential learning powerful!

Team Activities

Try our activities designed for children that not just helps them with improving their creative thinking and communication but also helps build their character and enhances self confidence.

Village Visit

Farm life, Farming, Traditional ways that have led for innovations, culture and art. Traditional living. Get a feel of the rustic rural life and how

If you are a school or an institution looking at outing for your children, try our tours that are focused on experiential learning. We have designed our own children's booklet and crafted various trails for different age groups. We even customize the tours based on your requirements.. it’s educative and fun!!Click here to customize