Mysuru Cycle Tour

Best Of Mysore

Walking tour + food tour
₹ 2,000/-
Tour Description

If there is just one tour that you have to pick while in Mysore, this would be the one!

Join us on our most popular tour, a combination of our Royal Walk + Food Tour, the Best of Mysore tour. Experience the best the city has to offer. You start the tour at 5pm with the Royal Walk and continue the food tour right after.

Royal Walk

Join us on a guided tour in the heart of the city, as we walk by some grand old structures and unfold the story of Mysore. Learn about the opulent lives of the Maharajas and how one of the richest men on the planet lived. Explore a century old market and immerse yourself in the vibrancy and colours.

Food Tour

Mysore Pak, Mysore Masala Dosa, Mysore Churumuri the list goes on with gastronomical delights from the city. If you are a foodie then Mysore spoils you with its wide variety options. Now who doesn’t enjoy some good food especially when there is so much out there to choose from. And mind you, we take all matters related to food quite seriously!

Tour Details
Everyday, 5 PM (Sundays 4 PM)
3 - 3.5 Hrs
Minimum 1; maximum 20
₹ 2,000/- per person; ₹1000/- for children from 10–15
Guided tour + Bottle of Water + Gastronomic delights, eat all you want!(You might want to skip dinner)
Meeting place
The Town Hall, near the clock tower (Map)
Tour Highlights
  • History
    Walk by some charming old heritage structures that have played host to greats such as Gandhi and Nehru. See how the story of Mysore connects to several significant historical events around the world.
  • Market
    This fruits and vegetables market has inspired many a great artists, if you plan to shop here you might want to polish up your bargaining skills.
  • Food
    As locals, we’ll take you to the nook and corner, to the best food places in town so that you can bite into delicacies that you’ll remember!