₹ 2,000/-
Tour Description
An early morning cycle ride in Fort Kochi where you get to see the city wake up. Join the locals for a hot brimming cup of tea as they start the day. Catch all the action with the hustle bustle in the fish market. Get a peek to the varied and diverse communities from faraway lands who have made Fort Kochi their home. Now to make up for all the burnt calories, we end with a sumptuous local breakfast!
Tour Details
Everyday, 6:45 AM
3 hrs
₹ 2000/- per person; ₹800/- for children from 8–15
Guide + Bike + Helmet + Bottled Water + Tea + Breakfast
Meeting Point
Gully Tours Office (MAP)
Tour Highlights
  • History
    Learn about the history of this port city and how it has attracted traders from across the world for millennia. Get to see the marks that each of the colonial enterprise has left behind and also understand how colonialism has influenced the local culture.
  • Market
    ‘As noisy as a fish market’, is a phrase for a reason! Visit the local fish market and get a glimpse of how the trade works. Learn about the lives of these fishermen and how as a community they support the veterans. And like in any Indian market, learn a thing or two about the art of bargaining.
  • Communities
    Fort Kochi is home to more than 15 different communities. Get to know the reason these communities migrated to Fort Kochi and how they have still managed to keep their identities alive while also adopting to the local customs.