₹ 2,000/-
Tour Description
A walk across Fort Kochi where you will discover the real beauty of this place and get to know why for millennia this place has attracted travelers from around the world. Get to know about the explorers and their fascinating journeys that they undertook to reach this coastline. Understand how trade has influenced not just the culture of this place but also the local cuisine. All this and more in what is possibly one of the most interesting port towns in the East.
Tour Details
Everyday, 4:30 PM
3 hrs
₹ 2000/- per person; ₹800/- for children from 8–15
Guide + Bottled Water + Refreshments
Meeting Point
Gully Tours Office (MAP)
Tour Highlights
  • History
    Pepper, Ginger, Cardamom and the list goes on.. these spices have played such an important role in shaping the history of Fort Kochi. For centuries this region has attracted traders from around the world for the spice trade and we try to understand why
  • Culture
    Get to see the confluence of different communities at Fort Kochi. Be it the European colonist like the Portuguese, Dutch and the British or the different Indian communities that made Fort Kochi home. Take in the culture of Fort Kochi, which was probably one of the most cosmopolitan
  • Food
    Our tour is never complete without tasting the local cuisine. And you don’t just get to taste the local cuisine, but you also get understand how trade has influenced the cuisine here.