Mysuru Cycle Tour

The Coffee Trail

Coffee and culture
₹ 2,000/-
Tour Description

Coorg, popularly known as coffee country for the abundance of coffee that is grown in this region, with the rich soil and ideal climatic conditions, it produces some of the best coffee in India, if not the world. Take a walk through a coffee plantation, and better understand the brilliance behind your favourite beverage. Learn the agricultural techniques unique to India, the difference between Arabica and Robusta plant and bean, and a lot more.

Indian coffee plantations are unique, because all our coffees are shade grown. Which also means, it gives us the opportunity to grow a lot more than just coffee. Pepper is one such additional crop, which was also considered as black gold, and can sometimes give the coffees some beautiful spice notes! You’re sure to have a deeper appreciation for your morning cuppa after this!

Tour Details
Recommended start time
9 AM
2 hrs
₹ 2,000/- per person
Refreshments + Bottled Water + Expert Tour Companion
Meeting Point
Dhyans Den, Madikeri, Karnangeri (MAP)
Tour Highlights
  • Coffee
    There's more to coffee than just the coffee beans. A tasting session will make sure you know more about it.
  • Walk
    Visit a lical family farm to witness the way to great coffee.Learn how the kodavas dominate the trade.