Mysuru Cycle Tour

The Startup Tour

A peek into the startup culture
₹ 2,000/-
Tour Description

The Co-founder of Uber very famously said that the future is being built in 3 places — the Bay Area, Beijing and Bangalore!

On this tour get a low down on the startup ecosystem of Bangalore, the startup capital of the world's fastest growing economy. From incubators/accelerators, innovation hubs, co-working spaces, growth hacking to technology startups, get behind the scenes of Bangalore’s startup ecosystem. Get blown away by these ingenious ideas and get into the minds of the people behind these to understand what makes them stand out. Learn how Bangalore can hold its own in a global market and what has always made it home to India’s most exciting ventures.

Tour Details
Recommended start time
2 PM
2 hrs
₹ 2,000/- per person
Bottled Water + Expert Tour Companion
Meeting Point
Yourstory Media Private Limited, Indiranagar (MAP)
Tour Highlights
  • Space
    Visit the creative work spaces where the seeds of ideas turn to reality.
  • Culture
    Delve into the the start-up culture, meet entrepreneurs and modern day problem solvers to understand what goes behind and beyond a startup.