Mysuru Cycle Tour

Old Bangalore — Pete Walk

Explore the oldest locality of Bangalore
₹ 2,000/-
Tour Description

Pete — city in the local language

A walk in the heart of Bangalore, the oldest neighbourhood of the city, the real deal when it comes to the quintessential old Bangalorean.

The hustle and bustle of daily life, the street food, the narrow alleyways, 100’s of vendors, people of all faiths and professions, working together to bring you almost anything of worldly desire.

A glimpse of old trade Bangalore, that still works it’s old ways, from traditional wrestlers to silversmiths, from sufi saints to astrologers see them in their elements, in the Pete Walk.

Tour Details
Recommended start time
3 hrs
₹ 2,000/- per person
Refreshments + Bottled Water + Expert Tour Companion
Meeting Point
Mysore Bank Circle (MAP)
Tour Highlights
  • Architecture
    Learn about the uniquely modelled structures as you walk through one of the oldest localities of Bangalore.
  • Market
    Visit a colourful market set across the busy area and take in the city's vibe.
  • Culture
    Learn about the culture as you turn into a local, hopping into shops, tea stalls and what not.